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Bathroom suites and sanitary ware

We design and install complete bathroom suites to your specification, we employ a small team of subcontractors to make sure that we always have the best man for the job. It is very hard to find someone who really is a "jack of all trades", who can plaster, plumb, tile, do the electrics and fit all bathroom furniture and sanitary ware. For this reason we employ subcontractors to make sure that each discipline is being carried out to the highest possible standard. Of course we always have quality plumbers on hand to attend to your showers, baths, basins, taps, towel rails, W/C's and other sanitary ware.



Bathroom suites


bathroom suites suppled and installedIf you are thinking about a new bathroom suite the first step would be booking our surveyor to visit your home to see your bathroom. A survey is always the first step as this will give you a chance to say what your requirements are and also for our surveyor to offer suggestions and talk about what can or can't be done within your bathroom.


Once we have completed your survey and all bathroom furniture and sanitary ware has been confirmed we can offer you a no obligation quote. Your quote will always be based upon your requirements, for example you may already have a preferred electrician or tiler, in which case our quote would exclude these items.


You tell us what your requirements are and we can supply the expertise, whether that is just attending to the plumbing work or leaving the whole installation to us. We will also undertake work where furniture is supplied by you, we can supply and fit or just fit.


full bathroom suite

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Showers & baths


We can supply and / or fit all types of showers, baths and associated accessories such shower curtains, shower doors, shower floors and much more. Your bath choice is only really limited to the space you have in your bathroom, whereas your shower may be limited to the type of system you have.


Shower types




electric shower installations

Electric showers

Electric showers are instantaneous water heaters, they only heat the water when it is required (directly). Electric showers use an internal element that heats the water as it passes through and is connected to your home's mains cold water supply. Electric showers are available in flow rates generally from 6kw up to 11kw with optional features such as thermostatic temperature controls, low pressure warning, pressure controls and temperature stabalisation.


Because electric showers are instantaneous water heaters, this means they are economical and generally reliable as they do not have to rely on any stored hot water or indeed your boilers functionality. They do obviously require an electricity supply (which may cost additional to install) and the flow rate may vary to certain fluctuations.




gravity fed mixer shower

Gravity fed mixer showers

Gravity fed mixer showers rely on hot water that has been previously stored by your heating system. A valve within the shower is used to blend the hot water (stored by your hot water system, usually your cylinder) with cold water from your mains water supply.


Gravity fed mixer showers are easy to fit as they do not rely on a electric supply and are ideal for homes that have a plenty supply of stored hot water. Mixer showers are also available in thermostatic and non-thermostatic models with a wide range of styles and finishes.


One of the main advantages of a gravity mixer shower is the ease of installation, which would obviously mean lower installation costs. However, because they do rely on gravity flow rates they are dependant on the location of your cold-water storage tank.





power shower

Power showers

Power showers are an all in one pump and shower, they combine a mixing valve and pump in one compact unit. The valve will blend the hot and cold water together whilst the pump will boost the flow rate of the shower to give a more powerful invigorating shower.


Some people refer to mixer showers that have a separate remote shower pump as being a power shower as they do produce similar results. Power showers are suitable to homes that feature a good storage of hot water and are available in thermostatic and non-thermostatic models.


One of the main benefits of a power shower is simply they generally give a higher flow rate than a electric or normal mixer shower. However they are limited in installation as they can not be used in a pressurised system such as an unvented or combination system.





mains fed shower

Mains fed showers

Mains fed showers refer to showers that are essentially mixer showers but the hot water is fed directly from a combination boiler or unvented cylinder. This means they only use hot water when required, but unlike an electric system it relies on your boiler or unvented cylinder to supply the demand.


A mixer shower that would be used with this type of system ideally needs to have thermostatic controls to control the hot and cold water to a safe showering temperature.


As the hot water supplied is pressureized this means the flow rate will be very comparable to a power shower and offer hot water only when you need it. However if used with a combination boiler it solely relies on your boiler and if your boiler breaks down you won't be able to have a hot shower.




traditional freestanding bath

Traditional freestanding baths

This perhaps is what many view as being a traditional bath tub, even though the basic design of this bath is very old it is still very favoured in many bathroom designs. Freestanding baths are generally cast iron and are normally extremely heavy, so you must make sure that your bathroom floor can withstand the weight. The most popular styled freestanding baths feature a rolled top edge.

inbuilt bath


Inbuilt baths

An alternative to a freestanding bath that is of a more modern design are inbuilt baths. These are normally made from acrylic and benefit from being inbulit because they can be installed more neatly hiding all associated pipework.



shower bath

Shower baths

Shower baths are a great space saver and make an excellent compromise if you like a shower and a bath but you don't have the space for both. Shower baths feature an enlarged end to give enough space for a conventional shower, a shower door is also normally added and come in various styles.



whirlpool bath

Whirlpool baths

Whirlpool baths are at the height of luxury, they feature individual jets all around the bath that circulate bath water using pumps. Air is also mixed with the water which creates the bubbles effect. They create a luxurious spa experience right in your own home.


Whirlpools differ to spas in that they not only blow air through its jets but they also pump water around at the same time which creates that whirlpool experience.

Other apparel and sanitary ware


towel rail installation

Towel rails

Towel rails provide an attractive alternative to traditional radiators and also provide a duel purpose, by providing heat to the room and also providing a suitable place to warm your towels. Towel rails are available in many styles ranging from contemporary to ultra modern. Please contact us if you would like more information on the available ranges.





A basin is an important part of your bathroom, it needs to function well and yet does not have to be boring or unattractive. The main points in choosing the right basin for your bathroom would firstly take into consideration the size of your bathroom. Then you would need to consider, who uses it, how often, is it for family use and also does the plumbing need to be hidden. Basins generally fit into these categories: vanity basins, wall hung basins, cloakroom basins and en-suite basins.




Choosing the right tap for your bathroom requires just as much consideration as any other part of your bathroom. To choose the right tap for your bathroom you must make sure that they not only suit your chosen basin but also suit the surrounding decor. It is also normal practice to match your bath and basin taps to achieve a harmonised decor. There are many styles and finishes available, so you will always find a tap to suit your requirements.




Your bathroom toilet is one of the most important parts of your bathroom and is perhaps the most used part. Being one of the most used parts of your bathroom it needs to be functional, reliable and as far as possible pleasant to the eye. Things to consider before buying your toilet would be the size of bathroom your new toilet will be in, and what style will best suit your bathroom. Styles include, back to wall, high level, low level, wall hung and close coupled.


bathroom furniture


From a design point of view your furniture is the most important aspect of your bathroom design. It not only for the most part takes up the most room but also houses your other bathroom apparel and sanitary ware such as your toilet, basin and bath. If you are buying your furniture yourself, you need to carefully plan and measure where each part will go and fit in your bathroom. We are able to supply and fit many styles and ranges of bathroom furniture, from traditional and stylish to ultra modern and minimalist.


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What we can offer


Unlike something like a central heating system, a bathroom suite is a very personal choice and everyone has their own idea of what makes and indeed separates a modern, stylish bathroom from a boring dated bathroom. For this reason we try to be as flexible as possible in our approach to bathroom design, supply and installation. We can do as much or as little as your require, we can supply and fit the whole bathroom suite (to your tastes and requirements) or simply fit bathroom apparel and sanitary ware, or simply do the associated plumbing work for others to finish.


Of course we would like to carry out the whole installation ourselves, but we appreciate that you may already have your preferred tiler, plasterer or carpenter, we will not hold this against you! With the introduction of our online shop we can even just offer to supply your bathroom suite or perhaps more unusual items such as a bathroom television. The choice as they say is yours!

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