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Work notifications

Since 1st April 2005 it has been a legal requirement to notify Corgi for any gas appliance installation within all residential dwellings in the UK. This initiative dubbed by Corgi as a 'Complete Safety Initiative' makes your home safer since every gas appliance installation needs to be carried out by a Corgi registered engineer and of course notified to Corgi. However since 1st April 2009 the Corgi scheme has been replaced by the Gas Safe Register. Therefore all installations will now be reported to the Gas Safe Register. Oftec have also recently developed a work notification scheme replicating the same benefits as Corgi's scheme but for oil appliances rather than gas.


Why Gas Safe work notification?


As previously mentioned safety within the gas industry was the underlining reason for this initiative and this was achieved in a number of ways. Firstly by making the notification scheme mandatory and only available to Gas Safe registered engineers it stamps out rogue traders and engineers that do not have the required experience to work on gas appliances.


corgi registered

Secondly it standardises the way in which gas appliances are installed as Gas Safe working along side Building Control issue a strict set of requirements that must be reached in order to be compliant with the basic legal requirements. This essential means that you know that if your appliance has been installed by a Gas Safe approved engineer your installation is carried out to not only a minimum standard but to a safe and reliable standard.


Lastly it streamlines the whole installation process as you do not personally need to contact Building control to inform them of your gas installation as this is taken care of by your Gas Safe approved engineer. This not only saves you time and convenience but it can also save you money. If you do not use the Gas Safe work notification scheme, you have to submit a Building Notice and once work completes arrange for an inspector to come out and review the work to make sure it meets the required standards. Going through this method could cost you in upwards of £150-£200, all of which can be bypassed by using a Gas Safe registered installer.


How does it work?


You must firstly arrange for a Gas Safe registered engineer to visit and install your appliance to the required standards. On completion your Gas Safe engineer will notify Gas Safe about the work that was undertaken, giving the required details such as model numbers and any further required details. The notification can now be undertaken through the internet offering quicker responses.


building compliance certificateYou will then be issued with either a 'Declaration of Safety' (pdf) or 'Building Regulations Compliance Certificate' (pdf) which will be sent to your property address. Which certificate you receive will depend on the work undertaken and if there were further requirements under the Building Regulations. These certificates confirm that the work has been carried out by a competent person and to the required standards.


You should keep the certificate in a safe place as it will form part of the Home Owners Pack as from 1st June 2007 and is your proof that your appliance(s) has been installed to the required standards.


Oftec's work notification scheme


oftec registeredOftec's work notification scheme works in the same way as Corgi's but for oil appliances rather than gas. Once an Oftec registered engineer completes the installation of the appliance such as an oil boiler or oil tank they will then notify Oftec. Once notification has been completed Oftec will contact your local Building Control on your behalf and also issue you with a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate.


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