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This web site has been designed to make navigation as easy as possible, whilst also making the page layouts as logical and as structurally coherent as possible. If after you have read this guide you are still having trouble navigating this site, please contact us with your suggestions or comments.




How to use this web site




There are two main navigation areas on every page of this web site, they can be found at the top of the page (topnav):


top navigation


and also at the side of the page (sidenav):


In this example the sidenav is taken from the 'our services' page. Unlike the topnav the sidenav is dependant on the page category that you are browsing. This means the whole of the sidenav changes depending on which page category you are viewing. For example if you clicked 'our services' from the topnav, the sidenav will show the same menu as shown to your left. Whereas click 'about us' from the topnav and the sidenav's buttons will change to reflect the content from within 'about us'.

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How to navigate using the menu's


It is important to remember that the topnav is the primary source of navigation within the site, with the sidenav further breaking down what is included within the the main categories of the topnav. Below is a diagram to illustrate the relationship between the topnav and the sidenavs:



Within each sidenav a subcategory may be available to further breakdown the available information:


When you click on a button within the sidenav that has additional subcategories, these buttons will be displayed directly below the main sidenav category. In the example to your left it shows what the sidenav looks like when you have pressed the 'Regulations you should know' button, which revealed that the 'Regulations you should know' can be broken down to 'building regulations', 'work notifications', and 'Gas Safe & Oftec'. So for example to get to the Gas Safe & Oftec page from the homepage you could follow this breadcrumb trail:


index » information (topnav) » Regulations you should know (sidenav) » Gas Safe & Oftec (sidenav subcategory)

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Navigation colours


To make the navigation easier to reference, the buttons are colour coded to indicate when you are hovering over them and also to indicate the page that you are currently on.




White text colour on blue background: indicates button not highlighted by mouse and also page selected (please refer to body text / sidenav to determine which category you are currently viewing).
Black text on orange background: indicates you are hovering over the button using your mouse curser, for example you are just about to select the button using your mouse curser.




Blue text and light blue background: indicates button is not highlighted or selected (i.e. you are currently not viewing the page that the button refers to)

White text and dark blue background: indicates you are currently hovering over the button using your mouse curser, but are not viewing the page that the button refers to.
Dark blue text on squared light blue background: indicates you have selected this button and are currently viewing one of the main categories from the sidenav.
Orange text and squared light blue background: indicates you are currently hovering over the button using your mouse curser for one of the main categories for which you are currently viewing.
Black text with black indicator on white background: indicates you are not viewing or hovering over this button in the subcategory of the main sidenav menu.
White text with orange indicator and dark blue background: indicates you are currently hovering over one of the subcategory buttons in the sidenav menu that you are not currently viewing.
Dark blue text with orange indicator on white background: indicates you have selected and are currently viewing a page from the subcategory of the sidenav.
Orange text with orange indicator on white background: indicates you are hovering over a subcategory in the sidenav for which you are currently viewing.

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Navigation top tips

  • If you want to return back to the main category such as 'our services' always remember to use the topnav menu.

  • Look out for the colour changes on the sidenav menu to indicate where you are (your location will displayed as the buttons which are highlighted in a different colour).

  • You don't always have to use the sidenav to navigate, you can click on the pictures or text within the main body of the text and also use your browser's back button to return to the previous page.

  • If you are finding it hard to locate a page or a particular piece of information try using the search function (located below the sidenav) or refer to the site map.

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Throughout this web site there are a number of headings styled in different ways to represent the importance of the heading and also to highlight certain information. The following headings are in order of importance from the page title to a highlighted information heading (used to split information in parts when required). We hope this makes it easier to follow the text and easier for you to find the information that you need.



1) Page title's


2) Sub-page title's


3) Secondary information


4) Sub-secondary information


5) Sub-categories


6) Highlighted information

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Body content


Throughout this site there are certain pages where there is a great deal of information contained within the web page. Firstly if you are interested in the particular topic you must remember to scroll down to view all of the information from each page. To return to the top of the page either scroll back up using your mouse or click on one of the 'Back to top' buttons located throughout the content on the right hand side.


To help you navigate through the content on the more information rich pages there is a list of topics contained within the page (at the top) that when clicked will take you to the relevant part of the page (in this case from the 'boilers' page).


You should also look out for further ways to navigate through the page such as the quick links drop down bar found on the central heating page:


What information do we include in each page?


On the 'our services' pages we have included as much information as necessary for you to make a balanced decision on what services you require. On all pages we always suggest ways in which we can assist you with the particular category, such as boilers, fires or Aga's, etc.


For the information pages we have concentrated on pure information for your reference and as far as possible we have provided this information as balanced and unbiased as we could.


Therefore to read about our services that we offer please go to the 'our services' pages or refer to the 'information' pages for further reference and guidance.




Throughout the body of the text there are a number of links that link with internal parts of this web site and external links to other web sites. With the exception of links that open up PDF or word documents (these are noted) all links both internal and external are opened within the same browser window. You can use your browser's 'back' button to return back to our site if you have visited an external site.


All links within the body of the text are underlined and are initially coloured blue, when you hover over them using your mouse curser they turn orange. Lastly if you have already visited the link they will appeared grayed out (but still accessible if you wish to visit them again).

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How to use your account



Your account area contains information about you so it is important to keep this area up to date and as accurate as possible. Your account area contains securely stored information regarding your personal information, such as your address, your invoice details, personal preferences and details regarding any orders made through our shop.



Sign-in / register- Before you can access you account area you must firstly sign-in to our secure system. To do this you must enter your username and password that you stated when you first registered. You password and username must match our records exactly. If you have forgotten your username and/or password you can use the 'forgotten password' feature to redeem them. If you have not yet signed up for an account click on the 'continue' button which will take you to a page to enter all your details in order for you to sign up to an account.


Account home- This page details the number of secure messages, outstanding invoices and orders and also details if any special offers are available to you for use in our shop or invoices.


Track orders- If you have made any orders via our shop they will be detailed here. You can see the date you ordered, what you ordered and the current status of your order.


View / pay invoice- In this page if you have used our engineer services, such as a boiler service you can pay and view your invoices. Firstly you can view all of your invoices both paid and unpaid detailing the total price, date and other details. You can then click on the invoice number to view more details about the invoice and also view a printable version. You can also pay your invoice online using our protx secured shopping cart, you must click 'pay invoice' to initiate the payment facility.


My account details- These pages detail your personal details and preferences.

Personal information page: will display the details that you have already entered and can be updated by inputting new details and pressing the update button.

Address book: details your invoice / billing address (the address that our invoices and/or the address your debit or credit card is registered to), your work delivery address (can be an alternate delivery address for your goods bought from our shop- but must only be your work address), and lastly your site address (this may be the same as your invoice address or the address where our engineer(s) will visit to carry out a service, repair or installation).

Change password: you can change your username and password. Your present username is shown in text, below there is a form to change your username (Tip, why not use your email address). To change your password you need to firstly input your old password then input your new password (twice) below this. On pressing update your new details will be saved.

Sign-out: of your secure account area by just clicking on the 'sign-out' button, and make sure you see the confirmation message before you close your browser or leave your computer.

My messages: this system is in place to place priority on our customers who have signed in and opened an account. You can use this system to make enquiries regarding our services or web site. All messages are stored in a database so you can refer back to them or even re-open them in the future. To make a new message for us click 'open new message' and fill in the form provided. If you have not closed the message within a certain period we will do this for you to keep all messages relevant and in order.

Email newsletter: when you initially sign up to your account you can decide if you want to be included in our mailing list for our newsletter. On this page you can alter this setting by clicking the appropriate option and clicking 'update'. You can also submit our site for recommendation to one of your friends or relatives who you think may find our site of interest. You must confirm your name and your friends name to prevent unwanted spam.

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How to make a purchase


If you are familiar with shopping on the internet you should feel right at home using our shopping system. We have integrated our shopping cart system within our whole web site so you could browse through our services section then seamlessly move to the shopping cart with ease. As we use sessions and cookies to store your shopping cart data temporarily you could add items to your cart then decide to visit a different part of our site, and on return the shopping cart will still remember the items that you previously had put in.


To shop on our site you will need a debit or credit card and a browser with cookies enabled (to get the best shopping experience). Firstly to enter the shop you simply click on the 'shop online' button located on the topnav menu. From here you can browse the various item categories to find the products you require, and also click on 'view' or the product to view more details about it.


To purchase the products you simply click 'Add to cart' to add the desired products to the basket (the mini basket located under the left sidenav will display the item amounts in your basket). Once you have finished shopping and wish to pay for the goods, you simply click 'View Cart' located by the mini-basket or at the bottom of the page (with the privacy policy and terms & conditions links) and proceed onto the checkout process.


Firstly you must review the products in your basket, once you are happy with your basket please click 'Checkout'. You will be transferred to a secure 128-bit part of our site where you can amend and check your personal details (you must firstly sign-in) or if you are not a registered account holder you must register by filling in your details on the provided form.


Lastly once you are happy with your order you will be transferred to protx to input your debit or credit card details on their secure 128-bit server for processing. If your card is cleared by protx you will return to our site with confirmation of your order success (an email will also be sent). From here we will process your order and send your order to your stated delivery address (provided we have accepted your order). Your order will also be placed in your order history in your account area for future viewing.

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We have tried to make our web site as accessible as possible, whilst still retaining a uniformed appearance. All of our pages are validated as XHTML 1.0 Transitional and our CSS's pass validation through the W3C guidelines.


On most of the pages you can also adjust the text size by pressing Ctrl + scrolling with the middle button on your mouse or by going to view > text size on your browser's menu (located to the top left of the screen).


Further details


If you need further help in regard to navigating or using our site please contact us where we will gladly assist you. Also if you require further assistance or require additional information you may also find what you are looking for in our FAQ's pages, privacy policy page or terms and conditions page.

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