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We hope to provide our customers with as much information as possible, in addition to the information located throughout our site we have put together a dedicated information guide. We hope you find this information interesting and informative.


energy efficiency
Energy Efficiency

Conserving water and energy can not only save you money but you can also enable you to do your bit for the environment. Learn ways in which you can save energy around your home. more...




thermostat guide
Thermostat guide

Thermostats are often set wrong and can be hard to use, learn how to use and set your thermostat, be it a mechanical, room thermostat or programmable room thermostat. more...




regulations you should know
Regulations you should know

Make sure you know the law - Information on the Gas Safe Register (previously Corgi) and Oftec, Building Regulations and work notification scheme as adopted by Gas Safe and Oftec. more...




stay safe when using gas, oil or plumbing
Stay safe

It is always important to stay safe around your home, especially where gas and oil appliances are concerned. Find information on top safety tips to keep you, your family and house as safe as possible. more...




frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions on our services, a check list on things you should know around your home and also a brief list of information question and answers. more...




instructions and manuals
Instructions and manuals

If you have lost your boiler, thermostat, programmer or shower instruction manual, you may find your manual here. You can also find further instructions on how to attain your lost manual. more...