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Energy efficiency and conservation

energy efficiency and conservationDid you know that in the UK some 6 tonnes of carbon dioxide is created in every household each and every year. Most scientists agree that human action's are primarily the sole cause for the 'greenhouse effect' which in turn is responsible for climate change. Taking more interest in energy efficiency and conservation is not only important for the environment but it also means your fuel bills will decrease saving you money and giving you more control over your central heating system. It has been reported that the energy equivalent of global warming(.doc) is equal to exploding some 5 Hiroshima bombs per second, this continues to rise.


boiler efficiency



Boiler efficiency

Unfortunately your boiler is one of the main contributors of carbon emissions in your home. Therefore it is important and beneficial for both you and the environment to install as efficient boiler as possible. Under the Building Regulations Part L all newly installed boilers need to be condensing and be of efficiency rating A or B. more...


thermostats and controls
Thermostats and controls

Thermostats and controls do not only offer increased control and flexibility they are also a key contributor to the efficiency of your central heating system. By installing the correct controls you could save up to 20% off your heating bill. more...



solar heating


Solar heating

Solar heating is a viable, clean and self-sufficient alternative to meeting some or all of your hot water needs. There is an assumption that solar heating does not work within the UK, this is not true. With the addition of a solar heating system you can potentially save money and the environment all at the same time. more...


water saving and energy efficiency
Water saving and energy efficiency

Saving water and energy will not only help the environment, it will also reduce your monthly outgoings by cutting your fuel bill. You can start saving water and energy right away and you do not even have to spend any money to improve the efficiency of your home. more...