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Thermostat guide

A room thermostat, be a simple or fully programmable wireless model is a vital part of your central heating system. Unfortunately many people often find them confusing and struggle to program them the way they would really like. This obviously causes great annoyance to home owners and also it means that the system is not running at its most efficient. This brief guide aims to describe firstly what room thermostats are and secondly what they are used for. Lastly there is a brief guide to how they work and can be controlled.



what are thermostats?
What are thermostats?

Information on the various types of room thermostats including, wireless thermostats, mechanical or digital thermostats, fully programmable models allowing full temperature control over the time of day and actual day of the week. more...



how to control thermostats
How to control thermostats

A guide into how thermostat's work in relation to the user interface. If you are not sure how to control your room thermostat this guide may give you some guidance that can help you program and use your room thermostat to its optimum level, whilst also improving your comfort levels. more...