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Grohe Grohmaster Digital wireless shower set

Grohe Grohmaster Digital wireless shower set

Grohe Grohmaster Digital wireless shower set pic 2 Grohe  Grohmaster Digital wireless shower set pic 3

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Product Features

  • Universal Movario Trio shower set
  • With telescopic pipe for ceiling supply
  • Elbow outlet (28 405) for wall supply
  • Shower hose 1500 mm (28 161)
  • Wireless main control
  • Wireless remote control
  • Safety stop temperature override
  • Base processor unit (230v) featuring;
  • Turbostat 3/4 inch cartridge with wax thermo element
  • 15mm copper inlet and outlet connections
  • filters and non-return valves

£714.89 Inc VAT        SPECIAL OFFER!

RRP: £945.00 | You save: £230.11

Dispatched within: 2 - 3 days

Product Options
Grohe Grohmaster Digital wireless shower set
Product description

Imagine how wonderful life would be, if every morning you could simply press a button and a warm and inviting shower would be waiting for you when you reached your bathroom. The temperature, pre-set to the level of your choosing, and the flow rate finely tuned to suit your mood.


Few of us can deny that at some point we've dreamt of such a luxury. With a digital shower Grohtherm Wireless, the dream is now a reality.


Precision control
On the main control, intuitive dials for flow rate and temperature are supplemented by easy-to-read backlit digital displays. The flow rate is fully adjustable, while the temperature can be increased or decreased in increments of 0.5ºC. And thanks to GROHE TurboStat® technology the thermostat reacts instantly to any changes in water pressure, so there's no risk of your shower suddenly becoming ice cold or scalding hot.


Main control
The main control unit allows you to select the temperature, flow rate and to program the three personalised user buttons. These buttons illuminate when selected directly or via the remote control. Two backlit LCD panels display the water temperature and flow level and are controlled by the temperature and flow dials. The flow control dial can also be used to start the shower. To prevent children from turning the water above 38ºC, the SafeStop (temperature override) button must be pressed before the raising the temperature above this level - so there's no risk of accidental scalding.
For convenience, the Pause button allows you to temporarily stop the water mid-shower - great if you want to wash your hair. When you're ready to re-start you shower, press the button again and it will return to the exact same setting. Finally, the Stop button is used to turn the shower off. This button can also be used to turn the shower on at the safe temperature of 38ºC - perfect for when you have guests staying.


Remote control
The remote control features three program selection buttons and a safe start/stop button, these communicate the preferred setting with the main control. The program selection buttons turn the shower on, so that your perfect shower is waiting for you when you reach the bathroom. If you decide to postpone your shower then press the safe start/stop button and it will turn off the shower. This button can also to be used to start the shower at the safe temperature of 38ºC.


Recommended water pressure 1.0 - 5.0 bar for the high pressure system or between 0.1 - 1.0 bar for the pumped version. High pressure systems usually mean combi and unvented systems and gravity systems will require the pumped version.


This is the complete shower kit and contains all you need to start enjoying your wireless shower! (Additional fittings might be required)

Product specifications
  Width: N/A
  Height: N/A
  Depth: N/A
Finishes: N/A
Options: Pumped option available
Colours: N/A
More info: High pressure system suitable for combi boilers and unvented systems, pumped version suitable for low pressure gravity fed systems