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Home buyers report

Home Buyers Report

home buyers report

From August 2007 it has become a legal requirement that all homeowners must have a Home Information Pack before they put their home on the market.

This pack will include information on the property concerning deeds etc, energy efficiency ratings,

results from searches and a voluntary condition

report (if applicable).



Why do I have to have one?


The Home Information pack was first presented for approval in the Housing Act of 2004, however the HIP will now not come into force until 1st August 2007 rather than the previously anticipated 1st June 2007. The introduction of HIP's will be phased into the market initially affecting homeowners with homes featuring 4 or more bedrooms. At present buying a house in England and Wales takes longer than anywhere else in the rest of Europe and the cost of uncompleted sales is estimated at some £350m per year. Home Information packs have been welcomed by certain professional governing bodies as they see it will bring standardisation to an otherwise unmoderated market.


home buyers central heating report

An important change that will come into place when the Home Information Packs become mandatory is the condition report which will now become voluntary. When the scheme was first introduced it was suggested that these reports were mandatory. After months of lobbying by lenders, lawyers and estate agents, and backing by the Conservative Party, the Department for Communities and Local Government relaxed this requirement. It was then announced that a detailed survey of the property being sold (The condition reports) will now be voluntary as there were fears that enforcement of this report would severely damage the property market.


The Home Information Pack will now consist of, terms of sale, building regulation consents, planning permissions, standard searches, energy performance certificate and commonhold or leasehold information. Optionally the pack can also contain, home condition report, warranties and guarantees.

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What does all this mean?


Within the Home Information Pack there are two important areas where plumbing and heating will need to be addressed, these are Building Regulations and energy efficiency.


building regulation requirementsUnder Building Regulations - any new boiler that is installed must be of a condensing type with energy efficiency rating of A or B. This means that the home owners needs to show the certificate of energy efficiency for any boiler installed after 1st April 2005. However if your boiler is of a non-condensing type you will not have to meet this standard, although this will effect you overall energy efficiency rating of your home (see below for more information).



energy efficiency

Energy efficiency - in an effort to address energy efficiency, as part of your Home Information Pack your home must be rated for its overall efficiency. This will involve an approved energy surveyor looking around your property and inputting into a computer program all aspects of your home that contributes to or reduces energy efficiency. This will mean things like your boiler efficiency, your heating system and controls and your property insulation will be inspected and rated. Your rating will contribute towards the overall Home Information Pack.

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How we can help


If you are thinking of purchasing a property we can offer a pre-purchase inspection report, this will assist in your decision to purchase or barter for your property. We will essentially check and report if the appliances, boiler(s) and flues in your prospective property are safe and if any future repairs or maintenance will be required. The report will list similar information to that of the Landlords Safety Gas Certificate, and will contain the following:

  • List of all gas / oil appliances (including makes and models where achievable)
  • Result from our findings from tightness, pressure and flame failure tests (where applicable)
  • Report on supplied ventilation and recommendations (if any)
  • Report on condition on overall central heating system, including boilers, flues, radiators (including TRV's), controls, pipework and cylinder (if applicable)
  • Report on condition of all gas or oil appliance such as gas cooker, hob or Aga
  • Details of any unsafe appliance, boiler or flue that does not meet the current regulations
  • Details and estimated costs involved in repairing any found faults (if any)
  • Overall recommendation on central heating system and all gas / oil appliances (based on all of above)

We can also offer this service for the present owner wishing to supply this information for the Home Information Pack. In addition we can also offer advice on the efficiency of your present central heating system and hot water system and offer recommendations for improvement. If you do not have any records of the appliance or boiler service history we can also carry out a service at a reduced rate (if carried out on the same day as inspection).

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