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Gas, LPG and Oil Boilers

We not only service and maintain boilers but we also install new boilers as either part of a new system or simply as a replacement for your old boiler. We are equipped to deal with combination boilers, back boilers, system boilers, conventional boilers and condensing boilers. We are Gas Safe (previously Corgi) and Oftec registered and are trained to attend to natural gas, oil and LPG boilers.










Our services - boilers

boiler servicing, installation and repair by Corgi and Oftec engineers



Boiler installations


For all of our boiler installations we always follow the Building Regulations part L that states all new gas and from April 2007 oil boilers need to be of a condensing type and meet an efficiency rating of A or B. Please do not ask us to install a non-condensing boiler unless our surveyor determines that this is applicable under the points assessment scheme.


How your installation will be carried out:


phone for survey Your initial phone call

Please call us to arrange for our surveyor to visit your home. Our surveyor will firstly listen to your requirements and make some initial assessments. He will then make a full survey of your home (or where is applicable) taking measurements and further notes. A further discussion will take place concerning your requirements and the suggestions from our surveyor. This survey is completely FREE and you are under no obligation.


your boiler quote Your quote

After your initial survey has been carried out our surveyor will have all the information needed to write your quotation. Your quote will be shortly sent through the post and also at no additional cost through email (please mention this if required).


your acceptance Your acceptance

From the quote date you have up to 28 days to accept our quotation. Unfortunately we can not offer a longer acceptance term as material costs such as copper and metal and other circumstances are constantly changing. If you are happy with our quote and terms and conditions you will need to sign the acceptance letter and send it off with your deposit to our office.


work commences Work commences

Once you have contacted us regarding your acceptance and we have received your deposit and acceptance letter we can confirm the start date for your work. We will start on a date that is suitable for you and we will always estimate the amount of days that the job will take.


work completes Work completes

We always want our customers to be happy with our work, we therefore would encourage you to discuss any issues or concerns with us before we have left site. We will also explain how to use the system we install and make sure that you are comfortable with its operation.


final paperwork Final paperwork

On receipt of the outstanding balance (if any) we will issue a 'Building Regulations Compliance Certificate' (PDF) for your gas or oil boiler which will be registered with the Gas Safe Register or Oftec (where applicable). You will also be issued with a Benchmark Logbook confirming your boiler was commissioned to the manufactures instructions.

Boiler installation by Corgi and Oftec engineers based in Eastleigh, Southampton


You must keep hold of the Building Regulations Compliance Certificate because it will form a part of your Home Owners pack. All new boilers need to have a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate for your own safety and for others who may purchase your property in the future.


We are qualified to install natural gas, oil and LPG boilers, therefore which ever fuel you use we can provide a complete service. We are also qualified to carry out installation work on mobile homes.


What you can expect

  • FREE survey

  • Written quotes

  • Honest and clear pricing

  • Efficient and friendly service

  • Quality boilers suited to your requirements

  • Minimum 12 months guarantee

  • Installation carried out by trained professionals

  • System will be power flushed and inhibitor will be added
  • Building Regulations Compliance Certificate issued
  • Benchmark Logbook completed and left with customer

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Boiler servicing


Get your boiler servicedYou must get your boiler serviced annually to make sure that your boiler is running safety and efficiently. Your boiler is at the heart of your central heating and/or water heating system and must endure a lot of demands. Just like your own heart you need to take care of your boiler if you want it to last for many trouble free years. Similarly your car requires a yearly MOT to check for any problems that may be unsafe and in some case illegal. In the same sense your boiler needs to be checked to make sure all of its components are running safely and efficiently. By having your boiler serviced there may be part identified that could save you money, or more importantly save your life.


Why should I get my boiler serviced?

  • Greatly reduce the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning

  • Help to identify parts which may be running inefficiently

  • Requirement under Gas regulations and manufacturers recommendations

  • Will form part of the Home Buyers Pack requirements - to show maintenance

  • Legal requirements for Landlords with gas appliances

  • Piece of mind that your boiler is running safely


A boiler service includes:

  • Visual examination of the appliance and its flue to confirm that it is suitably located and installed in accordance with all relevant regulations.
  • Examination & cleaning of combustion chamber, fan, heat exchanger burner etc.
  • Examination and testing of appliance, flue, safety devices, controls and components.
  • Checking and adjusting burner pressure and gas rates.
  • Confirming that the appliance is capable of safe operation.


Please remember prevention is better than cure so if you are unsure when your boiler has last had its service please contact us and be safer than sorry.

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Boiler repairs and maintenance


boiler repairs southamptonYour boiler is a complex piece of equipment, unfortunately condensing boilers are also more complex than non-condensing variants. Unfortunately parts can fail due to a fault or more commonly due to wear and tear. Getting your boiler serviced can greatly increase your boilers components life, but it cannot guarantee that your boiler will run without fault for its entire life.


That's where we can help, we will firstly diagnose the fault using a combination of the described symptoms and our experience. We will then advice you on the costs involved in repairing or replacing the faulty part. We only fit parts after we have had your approval for us to do so, we never fit a part unless it is needed and approved by you. All of the parts we supply and fit we guarantee for 12 months for your piece of mind.


Signs that your boiler may need servicing or attendance

  • Loss in boiler pressure (your boiler may have a pressure gauge)

  • Flame appears irregular or yellow

  • Water or central heating not reaching or exceeding desired temperature

  • Pilot light fails to ignite or is intermittent in its operation

  • Boiler gives off irregular noises, such as knocks, fan noises, etc.

  • Stains or smoke marks around boiler

  • Smell of gas around boiler- please turn boiler off immediately and contact us immediately

  • Boiler keeps tripping out

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Boiler FAQ


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• Why get a new boiler?

Due to cost there are usually only a few reasons why you would want to change or install a new boiler. Firstly for economy, your old boiler may be VERY old (can be as little as 70% efficient) and so you want to reduce monthly bills and do your bit for the environment. Or your old boiler may be beyond repair and so it would be more financially economical to buy a new boiler rather than fix the old. Secondly you may need a new boiler to meet your new requirements, for example you want to combine you central heating and water heating into one compact system to save space, therefore a combi boiler would meet your requirements. What ever your requirements are you can be rest assured that we would only recommend a boiler based on our experience that would meet your requirements, nothing less or more.


• How much will it cost?

Unfortunately boiler installations are not universal, in that what suits one customer's needs does not suit another. We therefore try not to estimate prices until our surveyor has seen the job and made an assessment of what exactly is required. We think this is the most practical approach as it means we will not make false assumptions on price. We appreciate that we may not be the cheapest business out there, but we are certainly not the most expensive. We are average in price but exceptional in service.


• How long will it take?

Again we would prefer to estimate on job length once our surveyor has seen the job. However for an average boiler swap we may take 2-3 days and for a new install (including supporting pipe work, radiators, etc) we may take 5-7 days depending on the complexities and work involved.


• Can I choose my boiler?

We always encourage input from our customers especially if they are familiar with one particular brand. However we are not tied to any one manufacturer, we are tied to our customers. We will always recommend boilers that will not only be the most suited to your requirements but also the most economical for the usage it requires.


• Will you fit a boiler that I have bought?

Unfortunately not, if we can not vouch where the boiler has been bought from it presents too many risks. Firstly if bought second hand, the boiler may not be working correctly. Secondly even if the boiler is brand new, we can not offer our usual 12 months guarantee as the warranty guarantee would lie with you. This in our experience can cause many problems, and ultimately may prove to be a false economy.


Manufacturers we work on:


Boilers- Baxi, Boulter, C & M, Glow Worm, Worcester, Saunier Duval, Grant, Vokera, Ideal, Ariston, Gledhill, Potterton, Vaillant and more!

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:Corgi, Oftec and Energy Efficiency


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