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Natural gas and LPG boiler servicing, repairs and installation

Natural gas boilers are the most used boilers throughout the UK mainly because natural gas is the most readily available fuel source. Liquid petroleum gas (LPG) boilers are generally used in situations where natural gas is not available or simply where LPG is the preferred option. All LPG and natural gas boilers fitted after 1st April 2005 must be of the condensing type with energy ratings of A or B unless the installation qualifies under the points scheme to use a conventional boiler.


LPG or natural gas boilers?


Gas boilersWhether you use an LPG or natural gas boiler obviously depends on what gas is supplied, but the differences between LPG and natural gas boilers are not great. Converting natural gas boilers to accept LPG was previously time consuming and did require many component changes such as the gas valve. Most modern boilers (if applicable) can be converted with relative ease, some as easy as turning a screw. Of course you can buy LPG only gas boilers, but many boilers offer and support either natural gas or LPG.


LPG boilersAnother difference between natural gas and LPG boilers is concerning who can actually work on them. All Gas Safe Registered engineers can work on natural gas boilers but only some can work on LPG boilers, as Gas Safe require further training and certification for engineers wishing to work on LPG boilers or appliances. We are pleased to say that we do hold the relevant certification and can work on your LPG boiler for repairs, servicing and installation requirements. We also hold and have completed the relevant training that enables us to work on LPG fueled mobile homes, please contact us for further details.


Boiler types


conventional boiler


Conventional boilers

Conventional or regular boilers are boilers that do not offer combination heating, that is domestic hot water and water heating. Conventional boilers are generally of a very old design and consequently suffer with poor efficiency. They are available in varying heat outputs and sizes ranging from midi wall mountable to large floor standing.


back boiler


Back boilers

A back boiler unit (BBU) refers to a boiler that is specifically designed for installation within a fireplace. All back boilers require an open flue and do rely on the fire being on to supply hot water. Back boilers are usually replaced with a more modern condensing boiler, although we are quite happy to service and attend to any repairs that your back boiler requires.


system boiler


System boilers

System boilers are similar to conventional boilers but also feature inbuilt components such as a pump and expansion vessel which negates the need for a feed / expansion tank in the loft. System boilers are available wall hung or floor standing and feature a number of flue options.



combi boiler


Combination boilers

This refers to boilers that provide both direct domestic hot water and also central heating. In a combination boiler water is usually heated on demand (instantaneous heating), but can suffer if the demand of hot water is significant. It is important to check the property for satisfactory water pressure before installing a combination boiler.


condensing boiler


Condensing boilers

Building Regulations part L stipulate that condensing type boilers are now a legal requirement for new installations. A condensing boiler uses modern technology to harness previously lost heat from the flue. The water from the radiators is passed through a secondary heat exchanger and heated by the flue gases. A condense pipe needs to be installed and plumbed to a waste outlet for this type of boiler. Condensing boilers are the most efficient boilers you can buy and are again available in varying heat outputs and sizes.



Boilers we use


In our installations we do not limit ourselves to one or two boiler manufacturers as we like to offer the best product for the right job. All boilers are provided from quality manufacturers and are only used if we have confidence in their reliability and suitability. However the most common manufacturers we use for gas are Worcester, Valliant, Saunier Duval , Baxi, and Glowworm (some models shown below). In terms of servicing or repairs we generally attend to most boiler manufacturers, however we will confirm this before we attend.


WorcesterGas worcester boiler

The Greenstar 35 HE Plus is suitable for a medium/large sized apartment or house.





• fully condensing in both CH and DHW modes

• modulating circulating pump

• 30kw, 35kw and 40kw outputs

• WB5 series heatcell

• Heatronic II control system

• wall mounting frame with pipes behind

• keep hot facility

• DHW and CH temperature control

• on-board text display

Vaillant gas vaillant boiler

The Vaillant EcoTEC Plus Open Vent is the ideal solution for traditional open-vented heating systems.



• Compact & Kitchen-friendly Design, Low Lift Weight & Requires No Compartment Ventilation.


Height: 600mm Width: 375mm Depth: 340mm • CH Heat Output Range: 5.0 - 15.3kW

• Sedbuk Band A • Outstanding Efficiencies of Over 90% & low NOx Emissions
• 2 Year Guarantee


Saunier Duval gas saunier duvel boiler

The Saunier Duval Combi Boiler Therma F30e is a condensing boiler ideally suited to a typical 2/3 bedroom House.   



• SEDBUK 'A' rated high efficiency condensing Combi boiler.

• High grade stainless steel heat exchanger.

• Tried and tested technology.

• Built-in filling loop.

• Integral by-pass.

• Easy to use digital display.

• Daily pump spint exercise.

• Multiple flue options.

• Frost Protected

• 2 Year Guarantee




Baxigas baxi boiler

The Baxi Platinum 24 HE Combi HE boiler is a SEDBUK band A high efficiency rating.



•5 year parts and labour warranty

• Available as a 24kW output (28 & 33kW available in September 2005)

• Proven Baxi technology

• SEDBUK Band 'A' energy rating

• Extensive Fluing options with flue lengths up to 15m

• Intelligent control system for automatic heat output adjustment

• Stainless steel heat exchanger

• Filling loop and integral clock included


Glow worm gas glow worm boiler

Heating controls, oil tanks, radiators and all central heating parts.




• BTU's - 102.400

• kW - 30

• DHW Flow Rate - 12.3 L Per Min @ 35°C


Height - 725mm

Width - 450mm

Depth - 334mm


• Sedbuk Rating A - 90.3%

• Inbuilt bypass, filling loop, 2-stage frost protection and anti-seizure controls

• Fully Modulating

• Reliable stainless steel heat exchanger with an impressive 5 second hot water response