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Oil boiler servicing, repairs and installation

Oil boilersMuch like LPG boilers, oil boilers are generally used where natural gas is not available or where the connection of a gas supply would be too expensive. Oil boilers are sometimes not as favorable as gas equivalents however they do provide as much efficiency, in fact they are generally more efficient than a like for like gas boiler. For example modern non-condensing gas boilers are generally no more than 75% efficient whereas the oil equivalent is around 82% efficient.


Oil boiler requirements/problems


The basic mechanics of an oil boiler is very similar to that of a gas boiler, there are however one or two points to note.


Seduk boiler rating

As from 1st April 2007 any new oil boiler installation needs to be of a condensing type. This is 2 years after it has been mandatory for gas boilers mainly because oil boilers operate more efficiently and so the requirements were relaxed somewhat and also to wait for the technology to become more established.


fire valve

As detailed within the oil tanks page of our website an oil boiler must be fitted with a fire valve that attaches to the oil supply pipe to reduce the risk of further damage incase of fire.



boiler lock out buttonOne of the most common reasons why an oil boiler does not operate is because it has been switched to 'lockout' mode. This is where the the oil burner trips the lockout button which then consequently turns the system off.



This is a preventative measure and so is not normally the cause of your boiler not working, you should always investigate the underlining problem. However you can simply press the button (normally red) that will reset the system and should start the burner once again. If your boiler keeps on tripping out please contact us for a visit as your boiler requires attention.


Boiler types


oil conventional boiler


Conventional boilers

Conventional or regular boilers are boilers that do not offer combination heating, that is domestic hot water and water heating. This is by far the most common type of oil boiler as it's reliable yet relatively efficient.




oil system boiler


System boilers

System boilers are similar to conventional boilers but also feature inbuilt components such as a pump and expansion vessel which negates the need for a feed / expansion tank in the loft. Oil system boilers are available wall hung or floor standing and feature a number of flue options.



oil combination boiler


Combination boilers

This refers to boilers that provide both direct domestic hot water and also central heating. In a combination boiler water is usually heated on demand (instantaneous heating), but can suffer if the demand of hot water is significant. It is important to check the property for satisfactory water pressure before installing a combination boiler.


oil condensing boiler


Condensing boilers

As from April 2007 Building Regulations part L stipulate that condensing type boilers are now a legal requirement for new installations. A condensing boiler uses modern technology to harness previously lost heat from the flue. The water from the radiators is passed through a secondary heat exchanger and heated by the flue gases. A condense pipe needs to be installed and plumbed to a waste outlet for this type of boiler.



Oil boilers we use


Unfortunately there is less choice when it comes down to choosing your oil boiler, but you do not have to sacrifice on quality. All of our boilers are supplied from quality manufacturers and are only used if we have confidence in their reliability and suitability. The most common manufacturers we use for oil boilers are Worcester, Grant and Trianco (some models shown below). In terms of servicing or repairs we generally attend to most boiler manufacturers, however we will confirm this before we attend.


Worcesteroil camray boiler

The Camray 5 50/70 Internal boiler suits a medium sized family home.




• Fitted with Riello RDB burner

• Quick Fit telescopic balanced flue

• External model has in-built frost protection

• Suitable for fully pumped systems only and can be used on both sealed and open systems



Grant oil grant boiler

The Grant Vortex Condensing Combi’s are extremely compact in size with many features.



• High efficiency levels (Sedbuk 'A' 92.2-97% Gross)

• 15-26kW model is designed to fit under a standard height worktop

• 2 models available with outputs of 26kW and 36kW

• Whisper quiet operation

• Unique Grant Vortex stainless steel heat exchanger

• Extremely compact design

Fitted with low NOx Riello burner

• 5 year guarantee on boiler heat exchanger

Trianco oil trianco boiler

The EuroStar Internal 50/70 is one of the most efficient 'little' boiler on the market.




• Heat output: 14.6kW - 20.5kW (50,000 - 70,000 Btu/hr).

• Casing: Mild steel finished in a durable white stove enamel.

• Flue: Balanced flue options.

• Supplied as standard: All parts for twin oil pipe operation. 'Drain-off' socket incorporated in boiler heat exchanger.

• Burner servicing support bracket. Two 22mm compression boiler connections.

• Suitable for use on fully pumped system only.