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Bathroom installations and plumbing repairs

We pride ourselves on offering a quality, honest and reliable service to all of our customers through attention to detail and by offering the services that our customers require. General plumbing and bathroom work are always one of the principle services that we offer. Without stating the usual "no job too small" cliché we must say we really do appreciate all jobs big or small. Where ever possible we always try to encourage our customers to compact as many jobs as possible into one call out, this not only saves you money but also enables our plumbers to get a clear view of what's needed before work commences.



We can install entire bathroom suites to a brief designed by our surveyor to your requirements. We also install smaller apparel and sanitary ware such as showers, toilets, baths, basins, taps, towel rails and much more. more...


general plumbing
General plumbing

We undertake all general plumbing work, including leaking pipes, taps, waste pipes, ball valves, kitchen sinks, plumbing in washing machines / dishwashers, cold water storage tanks and much more. more...



water softeners and filters
Water filters / softeners

If you are not currently happy with your water we may be able to help you. If your water appears discoloured or doesn't taste as required a water filter may help. Likewise if you are in a hard water area and are experiencing the associated problems of hard water, a water softener may help. more...

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:corgi, oftec and energy efficiency


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