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Gas and oil appliances serviced, repaired and installed

In most homes today there is at least one gas or oil appliance that needs regular servicing and maintenance. To ensure that the appliance is as safe as possible and also to prolong its life maintenance and/or servicing is vital. Carbon monoxide is a real and deadly threat, we always urge our customers to have their gas or oil appliance checked and serviced regularly. We can also offer guidance to select a new gas or oil appliance and then install and maintain it for years to come.

servicing and reparing aga's and rayburn's

Agas can be either supplied by natural gas, oil or LPG but perhaps are better known for using oil. Agas are favoured in more traditional countryesque homes and offer a viable alternative to a cooker and hob combination. We can service and maintain your Aga in all fuel variants, oil natural gas and LPG. more...



gas fires, flueless fires and LPG fires

We attend to all LPG and natural gas fires. Gas fires (LPG and natural) can come with a number of flue options, including balanced flue, conventional flue and more recently flueless. If you are thinking about replacing your old gas fire or purchasing a new fire we can offer assistance to help you choose the correct fire type for your requirements. We can also install, service and maintenance your LPG or natural gas fire. more...


cookers and hobs repair, service and install
Cookers and hobs

Cookers and hobs can be fueled by either LPG or natural gas and are one of the most important parts of your kitchen. We are trained under the Gas Safe Register (gas) and Oftec (oil) to install service and maintain your cooker and hob. We can provide assistance in choosing the right cooker and hob for you, but we specialise in fitment and maintenance. more...



Legal requirements

corgi and oftec approved

  • Only Gas Safe or Oftec registered engineers can work on gas or oil appliances, this is perhaps even more true for installations.
  • If you have a new gas or oil appliance installed you must get a Building Regulations certificate to prove that the appliance was installed safely and by a competent person. (we can supply this)
  • If you are a Landlord all gas appliances need to be tested and listed in order to complete a Landlords certificate- this is mandatory.
  • Although not strictly a legal requirement as yet, you must get your gas or oil appliance serviced regularly by a Gas Safe or Oftec registered engineer. With the introduction of the Home Buyers pack you need to show that you are doing the appropriate maintenance to your gas or oil appliances, this will prove vital if you try to sell your house at a later date.


Faulty appliances


A faulty appliance can undoubtedly cost you money through poor efficiency, however far more importantly it can cost lives. Most people are aware of the dangers of not getting your boiler serviced but fail to see the importance of getting your gas or oil appliance serviced and checked regularly. A common misconception is someone may disregard that they need to get their gas fire serviced as they don't really use it. This isn't the case as all appliances need to be checked regularly even when not in use as deterioration to many parts of the appliance can still happen.


The following is a brief check list on some common signs that your appliance needs a service or attendance. Please remember this list is not exhaustive, if you notice any sign that arouses suspicion, play it safe and give us a call and be safer than sorry.


Faults indicating that a Gas fire service or attend is due:

  • Flame appears yellowish or irregular
  • Stains or smoke around the fire
  • Failure to ignite on first light
  • Pilot goes out repeatedly or fails to light easily
  • Smell of fumes or gas (please turn off gas at supply and phone Transco)
  • Damage to coals or radiants
Faults indicating that a cooker / hob service or attend is due:
  • Flame appears yellowish or irregular
  • Stains or smoke appear around the appliance
  • Smell of fumes or gas (please turn off gas at supply and phone Transco)
  • Pilot goes out repeatedly or fails to light easily
  • Flame sounds like it is roaring or appears to lift off the burner

Please contact us to discuss your requirements:corgi, oftec and energy efficiency


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