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LPG and natural gas fires, serviced, repaired and installed

gas fire servicing and installationFor many homes a fire is often the focal point of your room, offering heat to assist your other heating products whilst also offering an attractive center piece to compliment your surrounding decor. A gas fire can create and enhance your lounge to offer a warm, cozy feel whilst also being an efficient source of heat. A flueless gas fire can offer even more flexibility in terms of installation and matching your decor.

As your fire is a gas appliance (LPG or natural gas) you must only have Gas Safe registered engineers working on or installing them. We offer a full installation, service or repair service and we also supply gas fires through our online shop.




What type of fire will suit me?


If you do not currently have a gas supply to your home whether that's LPG or natural gas your remaining options would be a solid fuel fire or electric fire. We currently do not offer any services for solid fuel or electric fires although we can offer assistance if you wish to upgrade from either.


Flueless gas fires


how a flueless gas fire worksThroughout the UK flueless gas fires are a relatively new phenomenon, however throughout the USA, Japan and Australia flueless gas fires are widely used and have been for many years. The technology behind flueless gas fires are similar to that of a modern catalytic converter in a car. Flueless gas fires provide a safe 100% efficient fire without the need of a chimney or flue.



flueless gas fireWe are proud to offer a full supply and installation service whilst also offering servicing and repairs to your flueless gas fire. In keeping with our effort for energy efficiency awareness we like to recommend flueless gas fires where ever suitable. We feel that a 100% efficient gas fire which is not only functional but attractive is a winning combination for anyone's lounge or dining room. To view our range of flueless gas fires please visit our secure online store.



flueless gas fire servicingflueless gas fire installation


Flueless gas fire features

  • 100% efficient
  • No problems with associated flues or chimney
  • Can be mounted on practically any inside or outside wall and location
  • Can be installed in practically any room (excluding sleeping areas and bathrooms)
  • All fires feature safety sensors such as oxygen depletion sensors
  • Many models, styles and finishes available
  • Inset and wall hung models available

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Conventional gas fires

 flue options

Conventional gas fires generally refer to class 1 gas fires, these are fires that use a chimney stack or pot.


Class 1 fires rely on the natural circulation of air through the room and up your chimney to expel the combustion gases. There are two more variations to this, a class 2 pre-cast flue or a class 1 or 2 prefabricated flue.


A class 2 pre-cast flue is manufactured and formed into rectangular hollow concrete or clay blocks that travel vertically up through the wall of the property to a ridge vent or metal flue terminal on the roof.


A class 1 or 2 prefabricated flue are usually a metal interlocking flue connected to a flue box on your roof recreating the same circulation of air as a chimney stack.


There are fires that are made specifically for pre-cast or prefabricated flues as well as models that suit all class 1 or 2 fires including chimneys and flues. In terms of design or decor there are literally hundreds of different designs that you could choose from.


Flame effect flame effect gas fire

Contemporarycontemporary gas fire

Traditional traditional gas fire

Modern modern gas fire

Inset inset gas fire

Semi-inset semi-inset gas fire

Outset ouset gas fires

Victorian victorian gas fire



radiant gas fires


Radiant fires

Radiant fires emit heat from the combustion chamber only and rely on the immediate heat generated directly to heat the room. Radiant fires are sealed back into the wall where a chimney or flue will remove the combustion deposits. Traditional radiant fires (as pictured) are a very old design and many people have updated their fire to a more modern design.


radiant convector gas fires


Radiant convector fires

Radiant convector fires are fires that use a heat exchanger to draw in cold air and release warm air into the room. By combining a converting element to a radiant fire it further assists in proving heat to the room. Many fires work by the use of convection not just conventional fires, it is in fact one of the best ways to heat a room.


decorative gas fire


Decorative fires

Decorative fires are open flamed fires that appear as if they are natural solid fueled fires. Decorative fires usually consist of a burner, controls, coal bed and decorative basket. These fires are usually inset and only available for use with a conventional chimney. Since decorative fires are more open flamed than any other fire they are unfortunately the most inefficient.


Conventional gas fire features

  • Use your original chimney or flue
  • A wide choice of designs and finishes
  • Easy to install
  • Wide range of heat outputs
  • Ideal with traditionally designed homes

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Balanced and power flued fires


If your home does not feature a chimney breast, pre-cast or prefabricated flue and you still require a gas fire you would either have to purchase a flueless gas fire or a flued variant.

balanced flue gas fire

Balanced flue

A balance flue fire is completely room sealed by a glass front and are always installed on an outside wall. They use a flue that is connected to the back of the fire and extends through the outside wall to vent the combustion gases. Balanced flue fires are more flexible in their location than conventional fires as they do not rely on the chimney's location for where they can be installed. They do however have to be installed on an outside wall and considerations need to be made to where the outside flue vents, i.e. near your neighbours door or window.


A balanced flue fire can be either inset or outset and they come in variety of styles and finishes and also can be fitted with or without a fire surround. As they do not rely on any fan assistance balanced flue fires can be fitted with a much longer flue than powerflue variants.


power flue assisted gas fire

Power / fan assisted flue

A power flue is much like a balanced flue with the addition of a small extractor fan situated at the end of the metal flue kit. The extractor fan extracts the fumes of the gas fire through the flue to the outside of the home. Power flue fires can look like a normal living flame fire with open burning beds and real flames.


Another added advantage with using a power flue is you do not always have to locate the fire on an outside wall as there are side venting kits available. These flue kits run along your skirting board and run out to the side of your property, perfect for many awkward applications such as terraced homes.


Unfortunately because power flues are more complex and do include more components than a conventional or balanced flue fire they are also generally more costly to purchase and install.


Balanced and power flued fire features

  • Does not rely on your chimney or existing flue
  • More flexibility to put on inside walls (power flue)
  • Many styles and finishes available
  • Wide range of heat outputs
  • Ideal with traditional and modern designed homes

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Fire surrounds


To match your new fire or even to freshen up the look of your old fire we can supply and fit a wide variety of fire surrounds to suit your surrounding decor.


Traditionalgas fire surrounds

If you want to keep your decor in keeping with the age of your home or you simply prefer more traditional styling's a traditional fire surround would be for you. Available in many different finishes including, marble, limestone, granite, slate, stone, and wooden mantle.



If your home features a victorian-esq fire then matching it with a victorian fire surround with be the perfect option, or indeed you you would prefer a victorian fire a cast iron fire place set would be the perfect option.



If you prefer something a bit more modern with a contemporary feel to match the rest of your decor then there are number options available to you. Available in many finishes and also styles that will transfer your fire into a modern stylish center piece.


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Gas fire servicing


We can carry out a full service for your gas or LPG fire, we can also repair your gas fire or flue in the unfortunate event of a breakdown. Unfortunately we do not carry out chimney sweeping although we can put you in contact with a reputable business that do. It is very important that you get your gas fire service annually not only because it prolongs the life of your appliance but also it reduces the chances of your appliance malfunctioning and potentially cause lethal carbon monoxide poisoning. Also if you are a landlord with a tenanted home featuring a gas fire you must make sure that you always maintain and service you appliance and also hold a valid Landlord's Certificate.


If you do not know or simply can not remember when your gas fire last had its service, then please contact us to arrange a much needed service - save your money and possibly your life.


What our service includes:

  • Remove glass front or door assembly
  • Clean out assembly
  • Inspect burner and catalysts and clean if necessary (where applicable)
  • Turn off gas supply
  • Remove burner unit and burner pipes and clean
  • Clean in-line restrictor, pilot assembly and burner pipes
  • Re-assemble components
  • Turn gas supply back on and test for leaks
  • Refit assembly and/or casing
  • Check ventilation
  • Re-light fire and test setting pressure
  • Check safe operation of the appliance

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Gas fire installation


We also carry out gas fire installations either as a replacement to your existing gas fire or as a new standalone installation. As with servicing and maintenance, only a Gas Safe qualified installer can carry out any gas fire installations, this is for your own safety. Depending on what type of gas fire is to be installed determines some of the installation requirements, such as flue location for flued fires, chimney or flue condition and suitability for installation or ventilation requirements for flueless gas fires.


Unless your gas fire installation is to replacement like for like we would usually require a survey before we can quote on an accurate price, the survey is provided FREE of charge and is under no obligation. If you purchase and get your fire installed by us you will have piece of mind that a Gas Safe registered engineer will be carrying out your installation and also the added security of 12 months guarantee.


Our installation schedule:

  • Initial survey to determine suitability and requirements for your installation
  • Written and/or verbal quotation will be proposed - based on your fire and installation requirements
  • Work will commence once your acceptance has been received
  • We will prepare room for installation - remove old fire or prep area to receive new (where appropriate)
  • Prepare ventilation or flue kit for fitting (where appropriate)
  • Install appliance following manufacturers instructions
  • Check pressures, and measure fumes- adjust if necessary
  • Commission appliance in accordance with manufacturers instructions
  • Demonstrate the fire's features and operation to customer
  • Clean up on site, remove tools etc
  • Contact Gas Safe to issue a Building Safety Certificate - required for all new gas appliance installations

As part of the installation we can supply new or alter existing gas pipes to match the new gas fire, you will be quoted for such work if required before the work commences.

corgi and building control


There are a number of different options available for a new or revamp of your existing gas fire, including flue options, fire locations and not to mention the hundreds of different finishes and styles available. If you are unsure about your existing fire or need help in choosing the right fire for you, please contact us for unbiased professional guidance.

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