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Cookers and hobs

cookers and hobsWe can install, service and maintain your gas cooker or hob, this includes natural gas and LPG. Unfortunately at present we do not normally supply cookers or hobs as we feel this is best left to our customers own personal choice. We also only attend to repairs that are gas related, if you require any other assistance a cooker specialist would be more appropriate to contact.




cooker installationOnce you have bought your new cooker or hob you need a Gas Safe registered engineer to install and test your appliance to make sure it meets the required standards and is ready for use. We offer an installation service on the basis that your cooker or hob is already at your home, albeit not connected.


We would connect your new cooker or hob to the gas supply using the supplied hoses / pipes or we would supply them to suit. Once connected we would test the gas supply and set the appliance up to the manufacturers recommendations (where applicable).


If you use LPG we can also supply and install LPG conversion kits to enable your cooker or hob to use LPG (where available).



Once installed, tested and confirmed working safely we will contact Gas Safe to issue a Safety Certificate which you must keep to prove the appliance was installed by a competent person.


Servicing and repairs


gas cooker serviceIf you are a Landlord it is a legal requirement that you regularly get your cooker or hob checked and serviced. Generally it is advised under Gas Regulations for any home owner to get their gas appliances serviced regularly firstly to ensure that they are running efficiently but secondly and far more importantly that they are running safely.


On a service we would remove the outer casing (if applicable) and inspect the burner element, gas pipes, connections and other associated components. We would also give each component a thorough clean to make sure they are running at their optimum levels (gas components only), likewise we would check gas pressures and overall condition of the appliance.


We do carry out repairs to natural gas and LPG cookers or hobs only on gas related components as we do not specialise in all cooker components.


Cooker models


freestanding cooker


Freestanding cookers are perhaps the most common type of cooker used throughout many homes in the UK. They usually feature two ovens and hob, with many featuring a grill and even an extractor fan. A freestanding unit is common because it features ovens and hob in one compact unit, enabling easier installation.

built in cooker

Built in

A built in cooker is often more appealing than freestanding cookers, as they enable installation within kitchen furniture giving a more pleasing finish and decor. Built in ovens usually feature a separate hob which can be placed over the oven or at an alternate location (usually by the side of the oven). As the hob is usually separate a built in oven offers more flexibility in location options but is often more involved and costly for installation.


range cooker


A range cooker offers both traditional and modern styling in a more complete package. There are normally a number of ovens, grills, warming zones and hob options contained within a sturdy 'doubled up' design. Similar to a freestanding cooker a range cooker features integral hobs and are best suited to larger kitchens due to their size.


gas hob


You can certainly purchase a hob that is separate from your actual cooker, most commonly when a built in cooker is used. There are certain restrictions to where you can site a hob (such as location near a boiler, etc), please contact us if you require further information.