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Agas and Rayburns

Agas and Rayburns are traditional cookers, however unlike other gas or electric cookers they are normally always on and always ready for cooking. There are many keen advocates of Aga or Rayburn cookers, many prefer the fact that they are always on and some people prefer the taste of the food cooked in an Aga or Rayburn over standard cookers.


Differences between Agas and Rayburns


This gives a brief guide to the differences between Agas and Rayburns, there are however many similarities between the two. These include, they are both manufactured from cast iron, they both vent from the oven unto flues, they are both traditional designs, they both have a choice of flue and also both expect to have a long life expectancy.



aga servicing and repairs

  • Heat storage cooker.
  • Continuous burning, automatically controlled via thermostat.
  • Separate cooking areas at preset heats; cooking by area rather than temperatures.
  • Two round hot plates; one for boiling, one for simmering. Warming plate on the 4 oven model.
  • Available in natural or propane gas and off-peak electricity.
  • Two oven AGA - hot top oven for roasting and baking - cooler bottom oven for simmering and slow cooking.
  • Four oven AGA - hot top oven on right hand side for roasting - moderate oven on bottom right hand side - simmering oven on top left hand side warming oven on bottom left hand side.
  • All ovens are approx the same size
  • Most cooking should be undertaken in the ovens
  • The cookers are assembled on site
  • Module and Companion options
  • Warming plate options on the four oven model



rayburn servicing and repairs

  • Semi heat storage cooker
  • Choice of continuous burning or on / off (intermittent) operation, dependent on model
  • The temperatures of the main oven and hotplate can be varied (turned up or down)
  • One rectangular hotplate, graduated in temperature from boiling to simmering. Also variable in temperature depending on the setting used.
  • Available in natural or propane gas, diesel oil (cooking only in France) and solid fuel.
  • Choice of models; cooker only, cooking and domestic hot water or cooking, hot water and central heating. Most Rayburns sold are central heating cookers.
  • Lower smaller oven is about half the size of the main oven. A cast iron lower oven is used as a cooking oven (200G/L, 400series) it is around half the heat of the main oven. The others have warming ovens at a third of the heat of the main oven.
  • Smaller dimensions than the Aga
  • Dispatched as a complete appliance
  • Thermodial on the main oven door gives a guide to center oven temperature

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Agas are perhaps seen as the most traditional form of cooker available, although they can provide many years of trouble free cooking they do need to be maintained regularly by a trained Corgi or Oftec registered professional. Agas are available in natural gas, LPG and oil variants and are slightly different in set-up and day to day running for each fuel - please consult your manual in all occasions.


Aga Models


two oven aga

Two oven Aga

A two oven Aga is more suitable to a smaller family or where kitchen space is at a premium. A two oven Aga can later be improved by attaching a Aga module or companion. Like its big brothers it can be run on oil, LPG or natural gas and is available in a variety of colours.


three oven aga

Three oven Aga

A three oven Aga is an excellent upgrade from the two oven version as it offers an extra oven but still retains the same size, perfect for small kitchens with larger family's. Keeping with the two oven version this model also two insulated hot plates located at the top of the oven. Again varying colours and fuel options are available.


four oven aga

Four oven Aga

This is the most traditional cooking format for Agas and it also provides the most versatility, answering every cooking requirement. The four oven Aga encompasses a warming plate and warming oven with the traditional two hot plates and varying ovens for each requirement. Again available in a variety of colours and fuel options.


special edition aga

Special editions

The special edition Agas celebrate Aga's history and reminisce from previous Aga models right back from the 1930's. These models are available in limited colours reflecting the colour of the era it represents. These are featured packed Aga's but do come at a premium price.



How Agas work


At the heart of an Aga is an extremely efficient energy store, steadily releasing its stored heat from its core to the hot plates and ovens. Thermostatic controls maintain the desired and consistent temperature whilst extremely high levels of insulation keep the heat in within the Aga.


From the core, heat is transferred firstly to the ovens and then steadily to the inner ovens and finally to the hot plates. Unlike a conventional oven this is steady process and allows a more natural cooking than fierce conventional cookers. As an Aga is essentially a big oven or heat store Agas character is to give off a gentle heat throughout the kitchen or where ever it is installed.


Aga servicing


An Aga much like any other heating product requires regular maintenance and does require a regular service to ensure that it remains efficient and above all safe. Gas and LPG models generally require a yearly service whereas oil models do require a 6 monthly service, this is because oil models require more checks to be carried out. Before we can service your Aga it needs to cool, we therefore require you to turn your Aga off the night before our engineers visit. Our engineer will carry out the following checks (depending on fuel variant).

  • Check operation of all functional controls and components
  • Test safety devices
  • Confirm correct fuel rates (oil) and gas pressures
  • Clean burners and internal flue-ways
  • Inspect/Replace rope seals and gaskets
  • Adjust operation of insulating lids and doors
  • Verify level and if necessary top up insulation
  • Visual safety check of oil line and storage tank
  • Check for gas soundness
  • Ensure flue system and ventilation is correct
  • Clean circulation and/or oven venting fans

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A Rayburn is based around the traditional design of Agas but offer further flexibility as they can be set for constant heat or programmed to come on when you want them. The Rayburn cookers are very responsive and do not take a long time to reach cooking temperature. Rayburns also have an added advantage in that as well as providing your cooking requirements they can also be used for your domestic hot water and also your central heating needs. Like Agas, Rayburns can run on natural gas, LPG and oil.



rayburn cookmaster

Rayburn Cookmaster - Cooking only

The Rayburn Cookmaster is available in three variations, 200, 300 ad 400 series with each model offer a slightly different specification. The highest 400 series model offer high performance pressure jet burner that will heat up in 30 minutes. The Cookmaster offers the benefits of an Aga with increased flexibility of being able to turn on and off when required.


rayburn cookmaster plus

Rayburn Cookmaster Plus - Cooking and domestic hot water

The Cookmaster Plus offers all the same cooking options as the Cookmaster but it also offers the ability to supply your domestic hot water requirements. The Cookmaster Plus like the Cookmaster offers a variety of colours and fuel options including oil, LPG and natural gas.


rayburn heatranger

Rayburn Heatranger - Cooking, domestic hot water and central heating

The Rayburn Heatranger is Rayburn's most feature packed cooker as it simply offers an all in one solution. It can offer the same features as the Cookmaster and Cookmaster Plus but also supply your central heating needs. However the this model does require constant operation as they are not very quick to heat up.



How Rayburns work and servicing requirements


For the most part Rayburns work in exactly the same principle as Agas, in that the heat from the core burner steadily makes it way around the Rayburn's ovens and hot plates. However for the Cookmaster Plus and Heatranger this principle is taken further in order to offer domestic hot water and central heating. To offer this these models are equipped with a twin burner enabling one burner to take care of the cooking requirements and the other to care of the central heating and hot water.


In terms of servicing a Rayburn is checked for the same type of things as an Aga (as featured above) however Rayburns are also required to change their "wicks" on each service (where applicable). Also on pressure jet Rayburn's the oil pump pressure, flue gas content and temperature will be measured and adjusted where required.

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Things to consider


If you are thinking of purchasing an Aga / Rayburn for your future or present home there are a number of important considerations you must take note of before you purchase your Aga or Rayburn. Installing an Aga or Rayburn is often more complex and time consuming that any conventional cooker, you must also seek professional engineers to carry out the installation. Although we do not offer installation for Agas or Rayburns we are more than happy to help you find the right installer for your area. Your service or maintenance engineer must be Corgi or Oftec approved to work on your Aga, we are both and are more than happy to repair, maintain or service your oil or gas Aga / Rayburn. Other considerations include:

  • Installation costs- Agas / Rayburns are not cheap to buy or install
  • Running costs- Most Agas or Rayburns require constant running
  • Maintenance- If oil fueled the Aga / Rayburn must be serviced 6 monthly or annually for gas
  • Site placement- You must carefully plan and measure where your Aga or Rayburn will be sited
  • Flexibility- Do they offer the flexibility you require in your cooking or heating?

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