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General plumbing from your local plumber - Hampshire

We carry out all general plumbing services and can assist you with all of your enquiries. Below is a brief list of some of the plumbing enquiries we generally receive the most enquiries about, although this is not a complete list so if your requirement isn't listed please contact us anyway as we may still be able to help.


leaking pipe repairs in southampton

Leaking pipes

Finding a leak on any of your pipes can be a very stressful event, not least because the leak may not be obvious to find. The first thing to do would be to turn off the mains water supply, and secondly give us a call. We can source and repair leaks on any pipework, be it your central heating system, kitchen or bathroom plumbing. All of our repair work is guaranteed.



pipe alterations by your local plumber

Pipe alterations

We are happy to undertake any pipe alternations, we will always give cost estimates before we start work and always seek permission before starting the job. You may decide to alter your pipe work for a number of reasons, such as fitting a new piece of equipment such as a washing machine or moving your washing machine to a different location. Likewise you may also require assistance to alter your pipe work to meet legal requirements or simply because the pipes are in the way.


repair you leaky tap


Taps and kitchen apparel

We will gladly replace or repair your existing tap(s) and also fit sinks or other basins. You may also require an outside tap or repair to existing, all of which we are more than happy to undertake.




repair and install new waste pipes


Waste pipes

We can repair or fit new waste pipes for all of your apparel's such as basins, sinks, baths, showers, washing machines, dishwashers and any other requirements.



new ball valve

Cold water storage tank, cisterns and ball valve

In most households where the central heating / water heating is gravity fed your cold water supply will be partly routed to your cold water storage tank. The water within the tank is controlled by a float valve (ball) which floats on the surface and is attached to an arm. If anything should go wrong with this valve an overflow pipe is used to divert and let the excess water escape. These items are usually very sound, although when problems do occur you need to get them attended to ASAP.


washing machine installation

Dishwashers and washing machines

If you buy a new dishwasher or washing machine you will need to connect it to the water supply and also waste pipe. Chances are if it is a straight swap it will simply be a case of swapping one pipe for another. However difficulties can arise especially if there was no previous installation or alterations are required. We can assist in any of these situations and offer advice on pre-installation.


plumbing valve


Throughout your home there are many valve's relating to your central heating system, hot and cold water system and appliances. Without looking too hard throughout your home you may come across, isolating valves, ball valves, radiator valves, gate valves, double check valves, stopcock valves, cistern valves and high pressure valves. All of these valves need to be running efficiently, if any problems arise you need to get the valve looked at.





If any of our customers require below ground drainage work we would normally use one of our specialist subcontractors. We can however attend to all above ground drainage such as altering, moving or repairing your soil vent pipe and also your appliance drainage such as showers, toilets and baths.