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Radiator installation

Radiators are a vital part of your central heating system as they provide the heat output (that was generated by your boiler) into your room. Your radiators need to be sized correctly to ensure that you receive the right amount of heat to your room, they also need to be styled correctly to ensure that they suit the surrounding decor.


Size your radiators


Size your radiators too big and your room will become too hot resulting in higher energy bills, poor efficiency and poor comfort levels. Whereas size your radiators too small and it may also result in poor efficiency as you may require additional heat sources to warm the room, again resulting in poor comfort levels.


radiator sizing is important

In sizing a radiator there are two important factors in determining the correct size for the room and heating requirements. Firstly the temperature that you would like to maintain needs to be calculated and secondly the heat loss from your room.


Calculating the heat loss from your room can be fairly complex and includes a number of calculations such as size and number of windows, doors, construction materials / insulation and of course the actual size of your room.


It is very unlikely that you will find a radiator that exactly matches your requirements therefore you must choose a radiator slightly higher (or the next band above) your calculated radiator size. With the addition of thermostatic radiator valves minor adjustments can be easily achieved.


What we can do for you


we can repair radiators, install radiators and supply radiatorsWe can supply and fit all makes and models of radiators including conventional single and doubles, towel rails and many designer radiators. We can also fit radiators supplied by others and offer advice for radiator upgrades. If we are supplying and installing radiators as part of central heating installation you can be rest assured that all radiators will be of the highest quality and match the requirements of the room and decor.


We can also attend to radiators in need of repair or replacement, the vast majority of radiator problems occur at the valves or are in need of cleaning (we recommend power flushing). All of our work is guaranteed and we always provide estimates on repair costs before we proceed.


Radiator designs


conventional steel panel radiators

Conventional steel panel

These are the most popular radiators throughout the UK as they provide a number of heating and fitment options. They are available as single and doubles with top grills being an optional extra (for doubles only). They are also available in a 'round top' design eliminating any sharp edges and further enhancing their aesthetical appearance.



modern compact radiators

Modern compact

Compact radiators are becoming a much more popular choice when fitting new or replacing old conventional steel radiators. Compact radiators offer all the same benefits as conventional steel panels but they also offer factory fitted top grills and end panels, further enhancing their aesthetical appearance. Convector fins are also directly welded to the water ways further increasing the effectiveness of heating.


cast iron radiators


Cast iron

Cast iron radiators are usually found in more traditional homes although they can be suited for any modern or period homes. Cast iron radiators are usually mainly chosen for aesthetical reasons but are normally much heavy than there their counterparts.



flat fronted radiators

Flat fronted

Flat fronted radiators were previously used in a more commercial usage where designs would be more heavy duty to withstand vandalism or other damage. Designers now turn to this design for more aesthetical reasons and many designs are now available.




designer radiators


In the age of modern contemporary designs, for many people the average radiator will not be sufficient to suit the surrounding decor. There are now many radiators that are designed to suit a number of styles or decors. It must be noted that designer radiators are generally designed to offer aesthetical improvements rather than functional improvements.



radiator covers

Radiator covers

Another popular option for many home owners is to install radiator covers. These normally fit fully over the radiators with side and/or top vents allowing the heat to enter the room. Although offering some benefits such as appearance and safety (prevents small children directly touching the hot radiator) they generally reduce the amount of heat that enters the room, thus reducing the efficiency.